The Chime In podcast talks to people who make shit happen about the human condition of both:  the glory and the gloom. Due Fall 2017.

Chime In clothing reclaims fabrics for handmade designs, customizes accessories, and collects signature vintage robes and gowns. 

Chime In presents the Spring Street Reading Series to celebrate storytellers, poets and authors in a themed bi-monthly event at the Gallery at Atlas in Newburgh, New York. View our calendar to attend.

Co-founded by Stella Lee Prowse and Alysia Mazzella, Chime In began using a pop-up shop model which occupies empty storefronts in downtown Newburgh. The first version was launched at 188 Liberty Street and resided here for three months from August-October 2016. Chime In created a distinct common space: scheduled a monthly calendar of music, art and writing events; carried a collection of thrift clothing; and sold small batch items made by Newburgh designers. Chime In returned for three weekends in December 2016 to occupy an empty storefront at 102 South William Street. The new location allowed for a refined version of Chime In to emerge. The interior design was made custom by Stella & Alysia while the pop-up shop expanded to sell items by designers all over New York State.